I got the Once Upon a Time story collection today! I love this cover so much—I think it’s my favorite of the series.

Oh I really need to go and buy this! I forgot it came out today.




and duchess is looking really pale like yikes :/

but at least they kept her brown eyes

Look how pale Briar and Cerise look in the Spring Unsprung pictures though. There’s still a good chance that Duchess isn’t nearly so pale in…

Thats Briar because if you look closer at the bookmark thing you can see a rose.

New Polls!! Look at Maddie’s Float!!


We change Briar Beauty Thronecoming´s posture for our EAH blog. Do you like it?



I’m not really sure how I feel about these. I’ll have to see better pictures!  I assume the doll on the bottom left is Briar? It’s kind of hard to tell from this picture. She and Cerise both look really pale. Also this explains the Cedar with pink hair on Taobao.

My Favorite line so far!


When I see the new eah dolls…

This what I see :D (because I love Lana)

and I’m really excited now to draw my OC Baptistine B.Blue with a big blueish flower crown bl^x^ld

Even if I think that the dolls are too charged



Now I want Holly and custom her to have my own Lana del rey doll O.O

Throne coming teaser!



Lets talk about it! Spring Unsprung looks awesome and Duchess… is…hmm. (Source in watermark)

The Spring-Unsprung dolls looks amazing!!!!

So that’s why cerise and cedar weren’t in the through the woods line. But Holly and Briar are gorgeous!!!!! They all have flower crowns!!!!!!!!!