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Idea of Dex, Hopper and Holly being best friends. In a Harry-Hermione-Ron kinda way. They help each other out, going on adventures, finding secrets about the school, being total troublemakers. Royal trio. But NO ROMANCE!!! HOPPY LIKES BRIAR, DEXY LIKES RAVEN, HOLLY LIKES DARING (Yea, it’s my ship, so shut up)!!!!

Overall, Holly is a smart one, clumsy, supportive friend. Hopper is funny, romantic and sort of emotional friend. Dexter is friendly, curious, nerdy.

How did they become friends? One upon a time in the library.. Dexter and Hopper were studying for the upcoming Che-myth-stry test. Their desk was surrounded by various potion books. Next to them Holly was sitting on a couch and reading a new book by June Garden - “The fault in our stories”.
Suddenly, Dexter flipped the page of the red book and an old piece of paper fell on the ground. He bowed down to pick it up. The sudden movements distracted Holly from her reading, so she watched the guys for another second or two. Hopper asked Dexter what was it. The big sheet was bent in ten, light brown, old, slightly burned on the corners. It had the drawings of buildings, river, forest and the school in details.
“Woah, is that a treasure map?”, Hopper asked Dexter.
“Looks like a regular map. If it was a map, it would have a red cross or something, so we would know where it leads.”, he answered.
“Hey, that is weird! Look!” Hopper pointed on his name on the library section on the map. Dexter’s name was on it too. Also they could see Holly’s name right next to theirs. The guys turned their heads to Holly and stared. The long-haired girl looked back.
“Okay, what is it?”, she could feel something was going on. Holly walked to their desk and looked down at the map. She was wondering how does the whole names thing work. They flipped the sheet and on the back side was a note, but they couldn’t understand it because it was written in riddlish.

After that they tried to find the owner of the map, translate the note on the back and they had more adventures that made them close friends. And yes, I brought the map from Harry Potter ;) What do you guys think about this whole friendship thing? I’d like to know!


i wanted to doodle some lizzies before i went to bed!! ‘v’

she’s my fav right now, i just had to finally draw her!! i didnt have any refs at first, so i tried out some other hairstyles and then i gave her usual one a go. gosh, i really hope we get to see her with some more super cute hairstyles in the future!! ;v;


Faybelle Thorn and Ginger Witch/Breadhouse (headcanon) in casual outfits, from EAH.


I wanted to try the EAH box-style art, so it was time to dust off my Rumpelstiltskin OC girls again! :x I can’t get them looking quite to standard but it was a learning experience. there’s something very freeing about scribbling all over the place! also, bonus card versions.

went ahead and gave them slight redesigns, including biting the bullet and doing a custom baroque pattern instead of borrowing one. …though in retrospect Milly’s earrings really should be thread spools instead of wheels, arrrrrgh

credits: background elements from the official website; card templates by sarelyn@deviantart


Lizzie Hearts, I always enjoy drawing her!



here are the best-quality full-body box art files i could find; click to enlarge.

couldn’t find an hq transparent png of raven, blondie, cupid, cedar, cerise, lizzie, holly, or poppy.



This is the best I have for Cupid:

I don’t have any of the others, sadly. I’d love to have them though!

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