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Welcome to my blog! I'am into Monster High and I love anything about Ever After High, fanart, webisodes you name it. <3 <3

I made some EAH Blog Backgrounds you can use them if you want i’ll make more soon


By the way! Just to clear things up for those of you still wondering… After seeing Lizzie Hearts™ in person, I can verify that she is the same height as Madeline Hatter™… cute! #SDCC14 #EverAfterHigh


Ever after high dolls confirms! The next royals to be made into doll form are Duchess, Hopper and Daring!




Lizzie is definitely Maddie height for all those still wondering!



The scalper by me has these in hand. I just ordered them off Amazon. Has anyone seen these in stores yet? I’m thinking maybe Big Lots got them in. But I’m not sure.

You are actually pathetic. You always get the new dolls before anyone. It's not even once or twice it's like EVERY time I'm actually cringing. Me and my sister were luaghing at your lizzies 3 wonks, her smaller eye, her lip that's bigger on one side and her disgustingly misprinted heart on her eye that falls too low into her brow. But I guess that's what you get for being a rushy bitch. Oopsies.



Wow, you’re a real lovely person aren’t you..

Well congratulations, you’ve successfully made me cry and I don’t even want to collect ever after high anymore. I was so looking forward to Lizzie arriving and now I can’t even look at her.

At least come off anon next time.

Likely to be deleting my tumblr tonight, so thank you everyone who did enjoy my ever after high posts.

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Lizzie Hearts details and close ups :)


Kind of a remix of this old thing haha!

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